Francesca Longo

Professor of SPS/04 - SCIENZA POLITICA
Sede: SEDI DI CATANIA Via Vitt. Emanuele, 49 -Palazzo Calì
Phone: 095/7347262
Web Site:
Office Hours: Martedì 9,00/10.00; Mercoledì 12.00/13.00

  • Biography:

    Born: 27.08.1963

    Place of birth: Catania (CT) Italy





    1987:  Degree in Political Science, University of Catania

    1992: PhD in International Relation, University of Padua



    Full Professor of Political Science, University of Catania

    Jean Monnet Professor in European Union Public Policy

  • Current Projects:



    President of the “Società Italiana di Scienza Politica”;


    Member of the Academic Board of the Doctoral course on Political Science

    and Sociology, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa/Firenz;e;


    Convenor of the ECPR Standing Group on Organised Crime;


    Member of the Steering Committee of the Italian European Studies

    Association (AUSE);


    Member of the European Consortium for Political Researches;


    Director of the MA Degree Program (Laurea Magistrale)  “Global Politics and Europemditerranean Relations”, University of  Catania


    2017/2019: Deputy Rector for International Relations – University of Catania


    2017/2019: Deputy Director of the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Catania


    2012/2016: Member of the Academic Senate of the University of Bologna


    Direction and Participation to founded reserach programmes:


    2019-2021: Responsible for the National Unit of the H2020 founded  research  project:  “Protect: The Right to international Protection: a pendulum between globalization and nativization (call H2020-SC6-MIGRATION-2019; project ID: 870761



    2017/2020: Responsible for the national Unit of the Erasmus+ K2 international program founded Research project “EURASIA” (Project nr. : 585968-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)


    2017/2018: Principal Investigator of the research group on Italian immigration and asylum

    Policy - FIR (Finanziamento ricerca di Ateneo- Università di Catania)


    2016/2018: Member of the H2020 founded research project: Enhancing the EU’s transboundary crisis management capacity


    2010/2012: Member of the national research Group on “Italian Foreign Policy”, PRIN (Progetto di

    Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale, contract n. 201032T8ZE).


    2006/2008 Coordinator of the INTAS founded International Research program  “European Security Identity and the Southern Caucasus: the role of the EU, The US and Russia”


    2002 Italian Correspondent for the International Research group  “Trasparency and Accountability of Police and Security Forces, Services and Agencies: A comparative Study (TAPAS) coordinated and founded by the Centre for European Security studies (CESS), Groningen.


    1999/2001: Member of the research Unit on “Evolution of Security in Global System” –

    University of Catania (Finanziamento ricerca di Ateneo)


    1998/2000: Member of the European  Commission “Falcone Programm”  founded International Research project  “Organisational Changes within the Police and Prosecution Services of the EU Member States as a Consequence of the fight against the Organised Crime : The Intersection

    between national and EU policies, coordinated by the European Institut of Public Affairs (EIPA), Maastricht, (Project ID: 1998/TFJHA-);



    Other academic experiences:


    2018: Visiting Professor at Liege University, Facultè de droit, Science

    Politique et de Criminologie.


    2012 Coordinator  of the Academic Board of the “Intensive Summer School on Organised

    Crime” (ISSOC) financed by the European Consortium for Political Research

    and from the European Commission – JHA DG


    2009: Visiting Professor at the Cairo University” - DAAD Programm, Cairo,



    1999.Visiting professor at the European Studies Department, University of

    Bradford (U.K.)


    2000/2002: Course on "Integrazione Europea: Attori, Processi, Strumenti operativi" for the Post

    graduate specialization School in Administartive Studies, University of Catania.


    2000: Professor  of  “Judiciary and Police cooperation in the European Union”  for the Post

    graduate School of the Italian Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Faculty of Political Science, University “Rome Tre”, Rome, Italy.


    1995/1996: Course on “Federalismo e Unione Europea” , for European Module, organised by the

    Faculty of Political Science, University of Catania.

    1994/95: Course on “Unione Europea e Sistemi Federali “ for the Jean Monnet Permanent Course

    organised by the Faculty of Political Science, University of Catania,


    1992/93: Course on “Politica dell’Unione Europea”, for the Jean Monnet Permanent Course

    organised by the Faculty of Political Science, University of Catania,.


    1990/91: Course on “Politica della Comunità Europea” for the Jean Monnet Permanent Course

    organised by the Faculty of Political Science, University of Catania.


  • Bibliography:


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