Admission to the MA programme in Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations (GLOPEM) is managed by the University of Catania offices. You may find all the necessary information at the following link: Admission academic year 2018-19

Adimission of some candidates may require the passing of a colloquium.
The colloquium is run in english and is aimed at verifying student's motivation, interest and knowledge of the topics of the Master programme.

Suggested Reading List
International Relations and EU Politics
  • Attinà F. (2011), The global political system, Palgrave, or Attinà F. (2003), Il sistema politico globale. Introduzione alle relazioni internazionali, Laterza
  •  Hix Simon and Bjorn Hoyland (2011),  The political system of the European Union, London, Palgrave MacMillan, or Attinà Fulvio e Natalicchi Giorgio (2010), L’Unione Europea. Governo, istituzioni e politiche, Bologna, Il Mulino.
Global History and History of Africa
  • B. Mazlish (2006), The New Global History, Rotledge or A. Giovagnoli  (2003), Storia e globalizzazione, Laterza.
  • Ilan Pappé (2010), The Modern Middle East, London and New York, Routledge.
History of Political Thought and Political Philosophy
  • Mastellone S. (1995), "A History of Democracy in Europe" from Montesquieu to 1989, CET or Mastellone S. (2006), "Storia della Democrazia in Europa" dal XVIII al XX secolo, UTET.
  • Kimlicka W. (2001), Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction. Oxford: OUP or Kimlicka W., Introduzione alla filosofia politica contemporanea, Feltrinelli; oppure. S. Veca, La filosofia politica, Laterza