Italy and the new global challenges. Relief, aid and reconstruction in natural and man-made disaster events - PRIN 2012. UniCT Team Leader: Fulvio Attinà
This Programme is a branch of the PRIN Project  Contract no. E61J12000200001 funded by the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR). The PRIN Project is the collective endeavour of research groups working in 7 Italian Universities (Catania, “La Sapienza” Roma, Padova, “S.Anna” Pisa, Siena, Torino, Trento). Piearangelo Isernia, University of Siena, is the Project Leader. The Research Group working at the University of Catania aims at increasing scientific knowledge about Italy's relief and aid capabilities, and actions and policies to respond to natural and man-made disasters in Europe and the world. The team leader is Fulvio Attinà. The Catania PRIN group works in sinergy with the ReSHAPE Jean Monnet Project.
Researcher Theme Products
Fulvio Attinà
Italy's and the EU Member States' economic aid to countries in emergency need.
European Aid to Foreign Countries in Emergencies. Are ECHO and the EU Large-Donor Countries on the Same Track?, in "Romanian Journal of European Affairs”, 2014, 14, 3, 5-21. Full article
Francesca Longo
Italy and peacekeeping. The case of Kosovo.
Stefania Panebianco
Italy and the NATO intervention in Libya.
Daniela Irrera
Italy and the CSDP operations in Kosovo. The impact of RoL and SSR.
- Civil society and the role of NGOs in ESDP Operations, in S. Romaniuk and M. Marlin (eds.), Beyond Borders. Democracy and Civil Society in a Global Era, Berkshire Academic Press, 2014.
- The multilateral response in tackling the crime-terror nexus. The EU contribution, in Petrus C. van Duyne, et als. (eds.), Corruption, greed and crime-money. Sleaze and shady economy in Europe and beyondWolf Legal Publishers, 2014, 135-153.
- Criminalità organizzata e terrorismo: le nuove sfide alla sicurezza globale, in Rivista di Politica, 1/2014, 117-128. 
- Humanitarian NGOs and EU emergencies response policy: continuity or change? In A. Filipiak et als. (eds.), Evolving dependency relations, Revolutions Research Center, Poznań, 2014, 100-124.
- The EU and the Western Balkans in the Fight Against Corruption and Organized Crime, in Aspen Germany, A Future Security Architecture for Southeast Europe, 2013, 207-211.
Carla Monteleone
Italy and the UN/SC and GA resolutions on emergencies.
Donatella Viola
Italy and the European Parliament resolutions on the Arab Spring.
Rosa Rossi
Italy and the European Parliament Resolutions on Kosovo.
Angela Pennisi
Italy's Civil Protection system. Relations with the EU's CPM and the UN emergency operations.


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