Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: DANIELA IRRERA

Expected Learning Outcomes

The course offers a basic knowledge for understanding and explaining the international political phenomena and the dynamics of global policy-making.

Course Structure

The course will be taught in a tutorial form and will consist of frontal lectures and webinars by external professors and experts.

Required Prerequisites

The course requires  a solid knowledge of the main concepts of Political Science, as well as main events of global history. .

Attendance of Lessons

Three classes per week

Detailed Course Content

INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS -The main interpretative paradigms and theoretical approaches; -Peace and war in international relations; -International cooperation; -International and regional organizations; -Regionalism and multilateralism; -Globalization; -The global political agenda. TRANSNATIONAL ACTORS AND RELATIONS -global civil society; non-governmental organisations (NGOs); -global terrorism; failed states; ISIS; -the European Security Strategy; -the UN system.

Textbook Information

Students will have to prepare the final exam by using the following book: V. Parsi (a cura di), Introduzione alle relazioni internazionali, UTET, 2017. 

Chapter 4 can be avoided. 

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Main theoretical framework----------------
2Peace and war in international relations---------------

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

The exam will consist of a final colloquium.