Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: GIANNI PETINO

Expected Learning Outcomes

Fundamental notions regarding:

- geographical principles and models,

- organization and policies of the territory.

Course Structure

Lectures and group work.

Required Prerequisites

Knowledge of the basic notions of geography would be useful.

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance is recommended although not mandatory.

Detailed Course Content

The trajectories of the world economy from its origins to the challenges of the 21st century, giving theoretical and empirical centrality to the interaction of economic processes at different scales with ecosystems and resources.

Textbook Information

1) Geografia Economica: Mercati, imprese, ambiente e le sfide del mondo contemporaneo

di Francesco Dini, Patrizia Romei, Filippo Randelli

Economic geography studies economic processes as they actually occur, in relation to the resources and technologies available and in the form that they give to markets and businesses in space and territory. Ecosystems, markets and businesses observed from a geographical perspective are therefore the themes developed by this manual. The first chapter illustrates how the relationship between economic activities and the environment has taken on the guise of particular resource exploitation strategies, from the advent of the first organized forms of production until today. The second and third chapters define the methodological requirements for a geographical-economic reading of market processes. The fourth and fifth deal with the topic of interaction between economic activities and eco-systems. The sixth and seventh are responsible for addressing the topic of markets and businesses, as they are changing today in terms of organization, localization and mutual interactions. The last chapter summarizes the main challenges facing us in the 21st century, in a physical system put under pressure by human activities and, apparently at least, driven towards its limits.

2) Atlante siciliano delle aree interne e delle specialities agricole

di Petino Gianni

Editore: Aracne ISBN/EAN: 9788825534375 Formato: Libro in brossura Anno: 2020 Pag.: 108

knowledge of the territory in its many aspects is more relevant than ever, from the point of view of social democracy and its conscious and responsible government. Starting from these, geographical mediation through the cartographic tool, carried out by a geographer, is made more powerful and more responsive to the needs of local populations. The volume addresses the territorial dimension of Sicily through some of the aspects underlying future and possible reflections. Infrastructure, delays in development and the primary sector with agriculture and its excellence, what are defined as agricultural specialties. In dealing with all this, the reader is offered a new point of view on the role and value of the agricultural sector and the importance it has for the future, or the "revenge", of places that seemed to no longer count, the internal areas .

Francesco Dini, Patrizia Romei, Filippo RandelliGeografia Economica: Mercati, imprese, ambiente e le sfide del mondo contemporaneoMondadori20209788861843943
Petino GianniAtlante siciliano delle aree interne e delle specialities agricoleAracne20209788825534375

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

Final exam in oral form and, as appropriate, the production of group projects to be discussed in class.

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

What does the value chain of a company consist of?