General Sociology

Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: SIMONA MANUELA GOZZO

Course Structure

Lectures, classroom exercises Attending students will be able to produce a draft of an original research project, selecting the area of interest based on their own personal reflections and study interests. The third part of the program is, in fact, specifically oriented to the acquisition of basic skills on the methodological level (reference texts are by Gozzo and Stefanizzi). Students have to demonstrate the ability to discuss about a product (report, essay, research report, research project, etc.) outcome of teaching and laboratory activities carried out in the classroom and supported by individual study. Students who prefer can opt for a single final oral exam, like non-attending students, presenting the content of the reference texts to the oral exam.

Required Prerequisites

no prerequisite required

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Sociologia: autori classiciByrne
2La devianzaSmelser
3Organizzazioni e BurocraziaSmelser
5definizione operativaGozzo / Stefanizzi
6modelli di welfareGozzo

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

ATTENDING The first part may be the object, for those interested, of periodic evaluation. NOT ATTENDING Single oral exam on the entire program.