Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: Rosalia CONDORELLI

Expected Learning Outcomes

The acquired training will have to give the student a capacity for theoretical-critical analysis of the social issues dealt with and for the design of empirical research related to them.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons

Required Prerequisites

no any

Attendance of Lessons

Strongly recommended

Detailed Course Content

The 4th module of Intitutions of Sociology intends to provide to students the theoretical coordinates necessary to interpret the problems inherent to the processes of cultural differentiation and social integration in modern globalized Western societies. Specifically, the models of social integration and management of cultural diversity conceptualized by contemporary social theory (pluralist, multiculturalist, interculturalist approach) will be analyzed, with their implications in terms of safeguarding integration and social cohesion. Therefore, particular attention will be given to the perspectives of social integration proposed by the currents of Islamic neo-traditionalism and by liberal Islam and their social implications.

Textbook Information

Sartori G, Pluralismo, multiculturalismo ed estranei, Bur, Milano, 2010.
 Donati P , Oltre il multiculturalismo, Laterza, Roma, 2008, pp.3-19.

 Cesareo V., Società multietniche e multiculturalismi, Vita e pensiero, Milano, 2007, Cap. II.
Guolo R., L’islam è compatibile con la democrazia?, Laterza, Roma, 2007, pp.77-137.

 Suggested lectures:

Souad Sbai, L’inganno. Vittime del multiculturalismo, Cantagalli, Siena, 2010.

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

The exam will consist of a written test, with open questions, covering the entire course. To answer the questions, the student will have a maximum of 120 min. Naturally, the maximum score of the evaluation (30/30) will be acquired only by respecting the necessary, but not sufficient, requirement to answer all the questions. The results of the test (student registration number and grade) will be entered in the Studium platform (Documents section) as soon as possible, and in any case guaranteeing the time margin of one week from the start of the next exam. Within 3 (three) days of publication, the student must communicate to the owner of the course, through a certified entry channel (PEC, UNICT Portal, etc.) of his possible decision to withdraw from the test. After this deadline, the exam will be recorded in the electronic report.

For the evaluation of the exam,  contents and skills acquired as well as the argumentative ability demonstrated by the candidate will be taken into account.