Social and clinical psycology
Module Clinical and psychopathological Psychology

Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: Giovanni BELLUARDO

Detailed Course Content

Psychotherapeutic approaches will be described according to the main psychopathological problems: Anxiety, schizophrenia spectrum, bipolar, depressive, eating, personality, substance use and new addictions disorders, Sexual dysfunction and gender dysphoria.

Special attention will be paid to BES (Special Educational Needs).

Textbook Information

1) AA.VV. (2014), DSM5, Manuale diagnostico e statistico dei disturbi mentali, Raffaello Cortina, Milano, pp.5-31)

2) BELLUARDO G., et. AL., (2018), “Bisogni Educativi Speciali e insegnanti: quali emozioni?”, in Psicologia e scuola, Giunti, n. 56,

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4) SANAVIO E., CORNOLDI, C., (2019), Terza edizione aggiornata al DSM-5, Psicologia clinica, il Mulino, Bologna, pp.9-220, 261-293.

Learning Assessment

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

Multiple choice questions

The hallucination is

° A recurring and intrusive thought, impulse or image  that the person recognizes as their own while recognizing its extraneousness and unreasonableness

°A sensorial perception that has the compelling sense of objective reality but which manifests itself in the absence of effective external stimulation

° Unjustified, repeated, disproportionate and stereotyped behaviour

° A false belief that is based on erroneous inferences regarding external reality


Open questions

° Describe anxiety disorders