Academic Year 2023/2024 - Teacher: FRANCESCO MAZZEO RINALDI

Course Structure

The course has laboratory mode. After a few introductory lessons, students will read the assigned texts and carry out practical activities. They will work in small groups to experiment what they learned and solve the assigned exercises.

Required Prerequisites

Knowledge of the methodology of social research is required

Detailed Course Content

The course is organized in a laboratory form to allow students to realize what they have already studied in theory, particularly regarding the techniques of analysis and representation of data. Therefore, the course’s objective is to provide students with practical skills to search, organize, analyze, interpret, and strategically represent data.

Textbook Information

Di Franco G., (2015)  EDS: Esplorare, descrivere e sintetizzare i dati. Guida pratica all'analisi dei dati nella ricerca sociale. Franco Angeli, Milano. Only the chapters that the professor will specify in the classroom.

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

Divided into groups, students will tackle specific problems and present the results of their work in the classroom. The results will constitute outcomes of the activity performed.