DSPS Faculty's visiting appointments


Daniela Irrera
Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore
Study Visit under MAE-MIUR Cultural Protocol
Seminars: The EU Strategies in Tackling the Crime-Terror Nexus in the Multilateral Context
10-15 March
Fulvio Attinà
University of Macau, Macau (SAR) China, Department of Government and Public Administration
Invited visiting scholar of European Union Studies
Course: EU-China relations
16 June-7 July
Fulvio Attinà
Universitè de Grenoble (France), Institut d’Etudes Politiques
Erasmus Mobility Staff
Course: Disaster and emergency policies at the international and global system levels
13-18 September


Daniela Irrera
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Study Visit under MAE-MIUR Cultural Protocol
Seminars: Insecurity Complexes: the relations among criminals, terrorists and insurgents; Italy between the two wars; Multicultural experiences in Europe
22-28 February
Daniela Irrera
Nikolaus Copernicus University
Erasmus Mobility Staff
Course: The EU and counterterrorism strategy
24-28 March
Fulvio Attinà
Metropolitan University Prague, International Relations Department
Erasmus Mobility Staff
Course: EU’s and Member States’ Response to Emergency Crises
12-17 April
Daniela Irrera
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
DAAD Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists
Research Project: Tackling the Crime-terror nexus in a multilateral context: the EU and the others
15 September-15 October

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