Info Days

Hybrid DD INFO DAY: Wednesday 17 January 2024, h. 3:30-5:30

We would like to involve both DD academic representatives and DD incoming/outgoing students in the presentation of the GLOPEM DD partners.
1st year GLOPEM students will be present in class, eager to raise questions concerning academic and administrative questions. GLOPEM DD students will be either in room 4, Via Gravina, or virtually connected (join the TEAMS meeting that we have created to have an Hybrid INFO DAY next Wednesday 17, January at 3:30-5:30 pm.).









An INFODAY dedicated to Double Degree Programs will take place on 2nd May, at 10.00, hosting a Roundtable on "New Orders after the War in Ukraine: recasting roles, reshaping global, regional and domestic interests". 
Further details may be found here: see the flyer.

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