Academic Year 2018/2019 - 1° Year

Course Structure

frontal classes

Detailed Course Content

Microeconomics. Introduction to the study of economics – Orthodox economics vs Civil Economics: a comparison between different anthropologies and different meanings of market e exchange mechanism – Demand and Supply – Elasticity –Market efficiency and the concept of efficiency in economic theory – Consumer’s theory - Esternalities –Public goods –Production costs – The equilibrium of a competitive firm – Monopoly –Oligopoly – Asymmetric information – An introduction to Economics and Happiness


Macroeconomics. GDP and unemployment rate

Textbook Information

1. Becchetti L., Bruni L., Zamagni S., 2010. Microeconomia, Il Mulino, Bologna, seconda edizione 2014.

2. Boitani A., Macroeconomia, (2008). Il Mulino, Bologna,seconda edizione 2014