The Department

UNICT’s Department of Political and Social Sciences (formerly named as Faculty of Political Sciences) was created in the late sixties and over the years has always maintained a strong interdisciplinary approach towards social sciences thanks to the valuable contribution of numerous scholars that have certainly made it possible.

Interdisciplinarity is key to the department's teaching mission and goals, which is why a basic degree is run into three different degree courses, six master's degrees and a doctorate.

Research is carried out through a wide range of formally funded research projects, seminars, workshops and conferences, laying emphasis on the analysis of political and social change across European and non-European countries. Research is often carried out by using a comparative or a contextual approach to it; and because of its long-standing experience in the area of Political Science, International Relations and European Politics it does involve a range of subdisciplines such as Sociology and International Relations.

Ad-hoc research studies in the field of Economics are generally focussed on three broad areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistics, with a strong emphasis on international business.

While we also support an extensive research programme over legal and economic issues regarding European and International Law, Labour, Economics, Private and Administrative Law, we also focus on History, and particularly on European history from the modern era to present times, the history of modern institutional systems and the History of the Mediterranean area.

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