International Business for European Union (IB4EU)



EU integration is grounded on a political project, which global economic events have recently challenged and slowed down. The loss of competitiveness of European enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the need for entrepreneurial initiatives to restart economic growth within the EU, the increasing role of emerging countries as sources of critical factors, appealing output markets and home of emerging giants, emphasize the relevance of microeconomic aspects in EU integration.

The Jean Monnet Chair International Business for European Union (IB4EU) adopts such a perspective based on the idea that “growth and job creation depend on healthy, well connected markets, where competition and consumer access stimulate business and innovation” (Europe 2020 Deepening the Single Market tool). In particular, the Jean Monnet Chair IB4EU focuses on internationalization of enterprises and SMEs, which implies competitiveness through innovation and efficient resource management as well as entrepreneurial skills. Internationalization can be a bottom-up strategy to deepen the single market through the Horizon 2020 target of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and strengthen EU integration.

IB4EU Jean Monnet Chair holder

Grazia D. Santangelo

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21/11/2016 - 12:07