Lectures Schedule

I Semester (october 2021 / january 2022)
II Semester (march 2022 / june 2022)
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N.B. According to Italian Government regulation no. 221 of 24 December 2021, by which the state of national emergency was extended until 31 March 2022, and given the current evolution of the pandemic in the country and in Sicily, students and departments are requested to comply with following rules:
1. From 1 March 2022, the capacity of all classrooms and study rooms of the University is increased to 100%, without the obligation to reserve seats
2. All classes, during the second semester, will be held in blended mode (in person and simultaneously through the TEAMS platform), until March 31, 2022.

From 1 April 2022, classes will be held exclusively in person, with some specific exceptions, specified below:
3. Lab activities and internship activities will take place in person.
4. From March 7, all written and oral exams will take place in person.
5. The graduation sessions will be held in person, with a maximum of 10 external guests for each candidate, from 1 to 31 March, and without any limitations starting from 1 April 2022.

Further restrictive limits may be provided by the Directors of the Department, if required.
6. For the following categories of students, online access to classes, exams and graduation sessions will be guaranteed on the TEAMS platform, upon specific request and upon presentation of specific documentation certifying their status:
- Students in certified condition of isolation because of SARS-CoV-2 positive outcomes;
- Students in the conditions of fragility certified by the local ASP, according to the anti-covid legislation;
- Students who cannot reach the university because they reside in areas from which movement is not authorized, due to the worsening epidemiological situation;
- Students with disabilities certified by CINAP;
- Foreign students enrolled in international courses unable to access the Italian territory;
- Working students.
7. Office hours can be carried out both in presence and at a distance
8. Until March 31, 2022outgoing students  who are abroad can join exams online;
undergraduates can send their thesis file in PDF / A  10 days before the opening of the graduation session; the supervisor can confirm the thesis file 5 days before the opening of the graduation session.
9. It remains mandatory to show the green pass to access the University premises, as well as to wear ffp2 facemasks.

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On line lectures shall be held on the MS Teams platform. Each course has a virtual classroom identified by a code available on the lectures schedule. In order to access the on line lectures you are requested to:
1) log in the TEAMS Platform (https://teams.microsoft.com/) using your email@studium and your personal credentials  for SMART EDU system (fiscal code and password)
2) Click on the button “Unisciti a un team o creane uno”
3) Insert in the text box the code of your class you have to attend
4) Click on “partecipa al team”
5) Here you are entered! Each course is a “Team” and in each team you can attend lectures, find documents and any other didactical material the instructor uploads.