Lectures Schedule

I Semester (october 2021 / january 2022)
II Semester (march 2021 / june 2021)
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N.B.  Lectures will be held in blended synchronic modality. Only in October 2021 all the students may access the on line classes. On line lectures shall be held on the MS Teams platform. Each course has a virtual classroom identified by a code available on the lectures schedule at this link http://www.dsps.unict.it/sites/default/files/files/lezioni%20GLOPEM%20I%2021-22%20englishf.pdf. In order to access the on line lectures you are requested to:
1) log in the TEAMS Platform (https://teams.microsoft.com/) using your email@studium and your personal credentials  for SMART EDU system (fiscal code and password)
2) Click on the button “Unisciti a un team o creane uno”
3) Insert in the text box the code of your class you have to attend
4) Click on “partecipa al team”
5) Here you are entered! Each corse is a “Team” and in each team you can attend lectures, find documents and any other didactical material the instructor uploads 

Students who are NOT in a situation of real impediment, are STRONGLY  invited to attend face to face lectures and to book their seat following the instruction available at this link: https://www.unict.it/en/news-events/mixed-teaching-unict-second-term-202021
From November onwards, on line modality will be provided only for those students who are not able to enter Italy for Covid reasons, for DD students who are not able to come to Catania and for students who have impediment directly linked with COVID emergence.