JM Chair EU MEDiterranean border crises and European External Action (EUMedEA)
Chair Holder: Prof. Stefania Panebianco
N. progetto/project number: 565729-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPJMO-CHAIR

The EUMedEA Open Educational Resources (OERs) are freely accessible media (interviews, video lectures etc.) that are useful for teaching, learning  and researching on the EUMedEA key topics.  




The Mediterranean between unity and fault line, Dr. Federica Bicchi, LSE/EUI (Catania 9 July 2018).

The EU and the Migration Crisis, Prof Sonia Lucarelli, University of Bologna (Catania, 10 July 2018)

The EU-Turkey Deal and the impact on refugee children, Prof. Michelle Pace, Roskilde University, (Catania, 11 July 2018). 

Migration and refugee crisis: the EU and its member states between obligation, self-interest and goodwill. The case study of Poland, Prof. Marta Pachocka, University of Warsavia, (Catania 12 July 2018). 



The EU Response to the migration crisisProf. Christian Kaunert, University of South Wales (Catania, 29 June 2017). 
A new Paradigm for Humanitarian InterventionProf. Polly Pallister-Wilkins, University of Amsterdam (Catania, 28 June 2017).  

The EEAS and the EU's Foreign Policy Machinery, Prof. Caterina Carta, University of Laval (Catania, 27 June 2017). 


New Threats in the Mediterranean: the role of NATO and of security cooperation in Europe, seminar by Prof. Jean-Pierre Darnis (Catania, 18 December 2016).
Crash Course EUMedEA-Managing Crises at EU Med Borders, Introduction to the course by Prof. Stefania Panebianco (Catania, 4 July 2016)

Managing Crises at EU Borders, Prof. Pinar Bilgin (Catania, 4 July 2016) 

Unaccompanied children in EuropeProf. Susana Sanz Caballero (Catania, 6 July 2016)

 L'Azione esterna dell'UE e le Crisi ai confini Meridionali, Prof.Stefania Panebianco (Catania, 20 May 2016) 


 "EU Migration Crisis in Europe", Read the interview (in italian) to Prof. Stefania Panebianco, by Sputnik Magazine (Maggio 2016). Click here.
 ''Italy split over allegations of NGO-migrant smuggling case'', Read the interview to Prof. Stefania Panebianco by Eric J. Lyman on Xinhuanet. Click here. 










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