Seminar: Access to Risk Finance 2014-2015

The seminar will be given by SALVATORE BONACCORSO (Unicredit), MARIA GIOVANNA PARASOLE  (Unicredit) and ANNA MARIA LA MACCHIA (Unicredit):

15:00-17:30 seminar (part one). Speakers: Anna Maria La Macchia - Maria Giovanna Parasole
ZAMMU' TV, University of Catania,Via Umberto 285, Catania

09:00-11:30 seminar (part two). Speakers: Salvatore Bonaccorso - Anna Maria La Macchia -
Hands-on session (held by the Chair holder)
12:00-13:30 (part one)
14:30:16:00 (part two)
Department of Political and Social Science, University of Catania, Polo didattico Via Gravina 12 Catania - AULA 3

OBJECTIVE: At the end of the seminar the participants will have a basic knowledge and methodologies to properly handle the initial stages of a business project. In addition, they will be able to develop the key documents to illustrate their business plan. The seminar also aims to provide insights on the main logics underlying the process of granting credit and why a bank requires specific information as well as to develop the ability to respond positively to the requests for information by the company.

CONTENT: The first part of the seminar provides a motivational introduction (who is the entrepreneur, what are firm vision and mission, what is an action plan, the ecosystem of reference for doing business), legal notions on the entrepreneur and the firm: entrepreneur, business and legal forms as in the Civil Code, tools to support the illustration and economic/financial evaluation of the business idea (business model Canvas, Business Plan), as well as it will present the funding opportunities to entrepreneurs and the access to credit (the logic of creditworthiness). In the second part of the seminar, hints will be given about the implications of the Basel Accord in the relationship with the Bank, and the logic of the assessment of creditworthiness in the banking sector, and the set of information for access to credit will be explained.

ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Salvatore Bonaccorso  is Responsabile Distretto Etna Sud Area Commerciale Catania, Anna Maria La Macchia is Consultant SMEs District D'Annunzio Commercial Area Catania and Maria Giovanna Parasole is Consulente Personal Distretto Catania Corso Sicilia A


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