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JM Chair EU MEDiterranean border crises and European External Action (EUMedEA)
Chair Holder: Prof. Stefania Panebianco 
N. progetto/project number: 565729-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPJMO-CHAIR

 2nd EUMedEA Crash Course
Managing Crises at EU Med Borders

25 June-1 July 2017

 Participate in an intensive teaching and training experience in the middle of the Mediterranean!

The EUMedEA Crash Course "Managing Crises at EU Med Borders" is an advanced study and very intense training event which targets PhD and M.A. students interested in EU external action and the management of crises at the Southern borders. The second edition of the Crash Course was held in Catania between 25 June and 1 July 2017. This year, frontal lectures and discussions focused on issues such as  EU crisis management, EU diplomacy, migration, asylum and human security. A visit to FRONTEX/EURTF offices in Catania further contributed to the training of participants. The Round  Table "Human Security  and Humanitarian Intervention in the Mediterranean" closed the event.
 All the Numbers of EUMedEA Crash Course (2017) 

18 Hours of teaching 
8 Hours of PhD’s presentations
10 Hours of Training
24 Students

5  Academic Lectures
9 Experts

13 countries
   3   Types of  Sessions
   1   Visit to          
   1  Round Table 
 9 Full Scholarships
 5  Half Scholarships
Over 55 Applications

The call for participation was released in late January 2017. The deadline to submit applications was on 10th April 2017. Check the Crash Course Call here

The course will be organized in three main daily sessions: an academic session with frontal lectures; a research session for the presentation of PhD's projects; and a training session to meet practitioners from International Organizations, CSOs and NGOs.
Check the Course Structure and the Preliminary Program here    

Overall, 11 PhD/Post-Docs and 13 M.A. from 12 different countries will join the Crash Course in Catania. DOWNLOAD the complete LIST of PARTICIPANTS and their affiliation here


 PDF   PPT  Video
 Cuttitta P. (2017) Delocalization, Humanitarianism, and Human Rights: The Mediterranean Border Between Exclusion and Inclusion
 Pallister-Wilkins P. (2015) The Humanitarian Politics of European Border Policing: Frontex and Border Police in Evros
 Jones et al. (2017) Interventions on the state of sovereignty at the border
 Carta C. (2013), ‘External and Foreign Policy Cycle and the EU’s Institutional Machinery: a Glance into the Post-Lisbon Arrangements’
 Wallace W. (2017), “European Foreign Policy since the Cold World: How Ambitious, How Inhibited?”
 Cross M. and La Porte T. (2016), “The European Union and Image Resilience during Times of Crisis: The Role of Public Diplomacy”
  The EU Global Strategy 
 Panebianco S. (2016) The Mediterranean migration crisis:border control versus humanitarian approaches
 Léonard S. (2010) EU border security and migration into the European Union: FRONTEX and securitisation through practices Trauner F. (2016) Asylum policy: the EU’s ‘crises’ and the looming policy regime failure

 PPT Presentation "Crisis at the EU Borders", class by Fulvio Attinà 
 PPT Presentation "The EEAS and the EU Foreign Policy Machinery", class by Caterina Carta
 PPT Presentation "A new paradigm of humanitarian intervention", class by Polly Pallister-Wilkins
 PPT Presentation " Migration: the experience of the Red Cross", presentation by Rosario Valastro

 Protect Humanity- Stop indifference
  People on the move- Time to give a helping hand


Check the results of the students' assessment questionnaire here

2nd EUMedEA Crash Course 2017. Association of European Migration Institutions. 
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