Jean Monnet Chair EUMedEA

JM Chair EU MEDiterranean border crises and European External Action (EUMedEA)
Chair Holder: Prof. Stefania Panebianco 
N. progetto/project number: 565729-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPJMO-CHAIR

The rationale of this Jean Monnet Chair stems from the increasing need to explore the EU reaction to regional crises. The JMC EUMedEA explores the adoption, implementation and outcomes of policy-actions facing crucial security issues affecting the Mediterranean, such as popular uprisings, migration, Islamist resurgence, terrorism, or energy supplies.

The Chair proposes a new perspective on EU External Action in the Mediterranean. Since the scientific debate on the EU international actorness is currently at a stalemate, this Chair departs from the nature of the EU action - either normative, idealist or realist, to address the more substantive essence of European external action in dealing with Med border crises. The JMC EUMedEA investigates EU external action under a specific multidisciplinary angle: by exploring EU strategies and initiatives to face Med border crises such as political instability, migration flows or energy resources scarcity. This remains an understudied area of EU Foreign Policy, so far largely focused upon the theoretical implications of EU external action and the institutional dimension instead of exploring reactions to specific challenges and initiatives to face regional crises.
The JMC EUMedEA brings together academics from different backgrounds. 

Check the Final Reports of the Jean Monnet Chair EUMedEA:
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