Working Papers

 JM Chair EU MEDiterranean border crises and European External Action (EUMedEA)
N. progetto/project number: 565729-EPP-1-2015-1-IT-EPPJMO-CHAIR
EUMedEA Working Paper 5-2018
Bonacia, Giuseppina. The disputed EU’s approach to the Mediterranean migration crisis. Strenghtening the securitarian stance. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 4-2018
Paus, Anna. The market for migrant smuggling in the Mediterranean and beyond: a socially embedded illegal business and the role of trust. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 3-2018
Fortuna, Dario. EU asylum (mis)management: Fortress or House of Cards? DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 2-2018
Stylianos, Kostas. The Immigration-related detention and human rights nexus: the case study of Morocco. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 1-2018
Modoni, Eugenia. Compasses or chains? The SAR NGOs and ethical dilemmas in the EU mis-management of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 3-2017
Gassauer, Georg. 
The European Refugee Response: Lessons learnt from the EU Turkey Statement. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 2-2017
Ben Rommane, Sabri. EU Actorness: A Consistent Inconsistency. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 1-2017
Greco, Chiara. From Idealism to Pragmatism. Euro-Mediterranean Relations 20 Years after the Barcelona Declaration. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 3-2016
Panebianco, Stefania. The Mare Nostrum Operation and the SAR Approach. The Italian Response to address the Mediterranean Migration Crisis. DOWNLOAD

EUMedEA Working Paper 2-2016
Fontana, Iole. The Security Dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy. The Case of Security Sector Reform in Tunisia. DOWNLOAD
EUMedEA Working Paper 1-2016
Orofino, Elisa. Understanding Radical Groups and Radical Youth in the West. A Literature Review. DOWNLOAD

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