Riccardo Raimondo

Assistant Professor of Lingua, traduzione e linguistica francese [FRAN-01/B]
I’m looking to network with junior and senior researchers who wish to discuss budding projects, imagine new research paths, implement innovative strategies, and explore unknown territories beyond traditional insights.


ᐧ Assistant Professor, Tenure Track / RTDb (uCatania)
ᐧ Researcher, Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Fellowship (uCa'Foscari / uOttawa, 2022)
ᐧ Visiting Researcher (uCa'Foscari 2022)
ᐧ Researcher, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship (uMontréal / uOslo, 2019-2022)
ᐧ Postdoc (UZH Zurich 2018-2019)
ᐧ Visiting Researcher (uOttawa 2016)
ᐧ Visiting Researcher (uOxford 2017)
ᐧ PhD Fellow (uSorbonne, 2015-2018)


Translation Studies
Transnational Studies
Francophone Studies
Media Studies
Comparative Literature(s) and Media
Mysticism and Spirituality
Media, Religion, and Psychology
Philosophy of Emotions
Psychology of Emotions


▪ General Skills

ᐧ designing concise and effective research materials for universities
ᐧ developing and organizing principles to effectively sort and evaluate data
ᐧ navigating complex bureaucratic environments
ᐧ managing research and business projects
ᐧ public outreach
ᐧ data visualization and network mapping

▪ High-level Research for Universities

ᐧ highly productive briefing strategies for complex and problematic HR environments
ᐧ designing complex research, and business plans
ᐧ modelizing heterogeneous and disordered problematics in a simple way
ᐧ high managerial and organizational skills
ᐧ designing proposals for highly competitive research and business grants
ᐧ grant writing for individual and collective projects
ᐧ formulating dissemination and communication strategies

▪ Teaching and Supervising Skills

ᐧ international audience (in English, French, and Italian)
ᐧ facilitating group discussions, and conducting meetings
ᐧ University Certificates in Active Learning, Digital Pedagogy, Student-centered Pedagogy, Existential Psychology, and Counseling
ᐧ improving pedagogical strategies for training and workshops
ᐧ implementing cohesive curricula design for universities and educational institutions
ᐧ demystifying complex research outputs for students and clients at every level


ᐧ Well-being Counseling (Certificate, uYale, 2021)
ᐧ Existential Psychology (Certificate, uLeuven 2021)
ᐧ Digital Pedagogies (Certificate, uMontreal, 2020)
ᐧ Semiology (PhD, uSorbonne, 2018)
ᐧ Pedagogy (Certificate, uSorbonne, 2018)
ᐧ Comparative Literature (Master, uSorbonne, 2015)
ᐧ Modern Literature (Bachelor, uCatania, 2013)


(Individual or Collective)

▪ (2024-2026) PI for the project "Crossing Borders via Translation(s) in the 20th and 21st centuries", University Funds “Starting Grant” (Piano PIA.CE.RI. Linea 3), 2024/2026, University of Catania, DSPS. Amount: 10.000,00 €.

▪ (2023-2025) Co-PI, PRIN PNRR 2022 Project "Revisiting and E-Mapping Theatre Translations of Ancient and Modern Classics in 16th-century France" (Prot. P2022A557W). PI: Daniele Speziari (University of Ferrara). Amount: 299.517,00 €.

▪ (2022-2024) Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Fellowship (score: 92.20/100). Amount: € 172.750,08. European funding for the individual research project “Mystical Emotions and the Limits of Language in Contemporary Italian, French, and English Literatures” (grant no. 101059916, Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme). Grant Terminated in Advance.

▪ (2019-2022) Publication grant financed by the FNS (Fond National Suisse) for the volume "Le Phenix Poëte et les Alouëtes. Traduire les Rerum vulgarium fragmenta de Pétrarque en langue française (XVIe-XXIe siècles): histoires, traditions et imaginaires", Bruxelles, Peter Lang, 2022, 503 pp., ISBN 978-2-8076-1339-3. Amount: CHF 22.000,00.

▪ (2018-2021) Publication grant and academic sponsorship awarded by the Université de Paris: "Expériences mystiques: énonciations, représentations et réécritures", ed. Fanny Arama, Gregory Jouanneau-Damance and Riccardo Raimondo, Paris, Garnier, 2021. Amount: € 1.000.

▪ (2019-2021) Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Individual Fellowship (score: 93.40/100.00). Amount: € 253.110,72. European funding for the individual research project “Translational/Transnational Traditions and Imaginaries: A Comparative History of Petrarch’s Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta in France and England” (grant no. 841844, Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme).

▪ (2017) International Research Fellowship for PhD Students “AMI” (Île-de-France and Paris-Diderot University). Amount: € 4.000. Individual and cooperative research for the doctoral project “Pétrarque et la France (XVIIe-XXIe): une étude comparée des traductions françaises, une mythocritique du pétrarquisme, une approche transtextuelle des enjeux de la réception”. Material and theoretical research at the Bodleian Library and Taylor Institution Library, under the supervision of Martin McLaughlin (Agnelli-Serena Professor of Italian Studies, Magdalen College) and the co-supervision of Jennifer Rushworth (University College London).

▪ (2016) Financial support for the “The Sonnet in Translation” research project (early-career researchers and PhD students of the University Sorbonne Paris Cité, Doctoral Schools ED 514 et 122, Research teams PRISMES et TRACT). PI: Carole Birkan-Berz (University Sorbonne-Nouvelle). Amount: € 5.000.

▪ (2016) Financial support from Campus Condorcet (Paris-Aubervilliers) for “The Imaginaries of Translation” research project, dir. by Christina Bezari (Ghent University), Riccardo Raimondo (USPC University), and Thomas Vuong (Paris-Nord University). Amount: € 2.000,00.

▪ (2016) “Aires culturelles” Research Fellowship for PhD Students (University Paris-Diderot). Amount: € 1,400. Individual and cooperative research for the project “Leonardo Bruni: philosophie et traduction de la Renaissance aux Lumières”, dir. by Charles Le Blanc (University of Ottawa).

▪ (2015) “IDEX” Doctoral Fellowship (Initiatives d’excellence) “double culture” (University Sorbonne Paris Cité) Top-ranked among candidates selected by the Doctoral School ED 131 (University Paris-Diderot). Amount: approx. € 60.000 for three years.

▚ riccardo.raimondo@unict.it

▚ www.imagotrad.hypotheses.org

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