The Annual Assessment Form (Scheda Unica Annuale, SUA, in Italian) is a functional management tool for the planning, implementation, self-assessment and re-planning of the Course of Studies.
The Annual Assessment Form consists of the following Sections:

  1. The "Quality" section is the main tool of the Self-Assessment, Periodic Assessment and Accreditation system introduced by Law 240/2010, by Legislative Decree 19/2012 and implemented by Ministerial Decree 47/2013. In this sense, the Annual Study Program Assessment Form aims to:
    • define the training demand
    • make the training offer clear
    • certify learning outcomes
    • clarify roles and responsibilities relating to the management of the University's Quality Assurance system
    • periodically review the program structure and its effects to make the necessary changes
  2. The "Administration" section which automatically incorporates all the data regarding the establishment and activation of the course

The Annual Assessment Forms are available below relating to the various A.Y.