Course Overview

The course is an innovative program both for training objectives and for teaching methods and tools. The content combines three fields of theoretical-practical knowledge, those relating to global systems policy, those relating to European governance and those relating to Euro-Mediterranean relations.

The course is entirely taught in English and is a full-time course in which attendance is compulsory in response to the practice of interactive teaching. Teaching, in fact, is based on classroom discussions, the drafting of papers, case studies, student presentations, simulation exercises and other participatory methods in addition to internships and study periods abroad. The course includes the double degree program with the Universities of Liège, Paris-Est Creteil (UPEC) and Flensburg which allows the full second year, or six months of the second year, to be held at one of the partner universities.

European Negotiator / Negociateurs d'Europe at ESSEC IRENE (Paris)

Services and facilities

Italian Language courses
The School of Italian Language and Culture for Foreign Learners is part of the University. Course focuses on the acquisition of the Italian language and culture, with particular reference to the traditions, and historical aspects of Sicilian literature.

The Catania’s Branch of Dante Alighieri Society’s Italian School for Foreigners offers Standard Courses and intensive Courses of Italian from A1 to C2 level. They are addressed to all non-Italian speakers and are especially intended to students who spend a period of time in Catania. At the end of Courses students will gain the chance to earn the Plida Certificate, officially recognized from Italian Ministry. Beside the language Course itself, the School gives an opportunity for cultural integration into the Italian social environment. The School offers Cultural Courses about Italian cinema, gastronomy, literature and guided tours of the most interesting artistic sites of the city.

Guidance and Education
The Career Guidance and Education Centre provides career guidance in three main action areas: the information area (circulation of news on job market through a dedicated website or at the career centre desk where registered students have access to a library jobs and education); the consultant area (offering experts’ guidance to explain how to be prepared for a job interview and how to write a good CV or a cover letter) and the Sample Experiences area (aimed at providing students an updated insight on job market opportunities and perspective. To such purpose, the Career Centre arranges meeting and seminars with experts in employment topics and analysts of labor market to debate about job market development and opportunities). The Career Centre promotes the “Career Days”, informal occasions to let students meet enterprises, recently graduated students, and graduates

Internship / Placement office
Internship opportunities can be offered mainly through the University Internship Office (IO) and the International Affairs Office (IAO). The former offers recently graduated students of the University of Catania the opportunity to do an internship or a training period in one of the companies and institutions it collaborates with. A branch of such office is located at the faculty of Political Science which, beyond the University agreements, is now equipped with more than 400 agreements targeted on disciplinary profiles trained at its degree courses. IAO promotes and coordinates international and national funded programmes dedicated to Internship and placement opportunities, as MAE-CRUI, Assocamere-CRUI.

Visa Policy
Experience in hosting international students has been developed especially within the Higher School of Catania, a university centre of excellence where a dedicated administrative unit supports foreign students in dealing with matters related to visa and permit of residence.

Sport facilities
Students have access to a wide range of sport training courses offered at University facilities of local branch of the Sport University Centre (CUS, Centro Universitario Sportivo).